Dear Crypto Community,

In this article, I want to warn you about a very big crypto scam called STARL!

STARLINK is a pure NFT Metaverse scam. Probably one of the biggest crypto scams in 2021.

I have many points to prove it and want to share with you the clue things.

They don’t pay their listing contractors.

I got some private information from one listing agency. Shitty scammers from Starlink tried to be listed on and asked one agency to help with the listing procedure. Agency helped them with the listing, did everything clearly, but fraudsters from Starlink rejected to pay and started to ignore the listing agency. What a pure SCAM! Really!

The agreement was to make a success fee for the listing agency after the listing announcement but scammers from StarLink decided to frame their partners.

Just check the screenshots to be sure that StarLink is 100% scam:

  1. Listing agreement sent to StarLink CEO (he keeps anonymity and doesn’t show his face because he is a scammer).
  1. He sign the contract back and sent it to the listing agency

I have an exclusive copy of this contract with the terms and obligations of both sides.

The contract was signed by Starlink but they rejected to pay. What a scam!

For more than 1 month CEO of this shady project are ignoring the listing agency

Agency helped them to be listed on the exchange, scammy StarLink hasn’t paid the fee. It’s 100% proof of scam by this project! BE AWARE OF THEM.

If SrarLink frames their partners, they will frame their investors too.

Starlink does not have public team

This project collects funds from users and doesn’t have any public figures. Shame on them! It’s a tag of 100% scam. Do not trust anonymous projects! They just want to steal your money!

No public members on the website and no public members on Github

Starlink uses Elon Musk’s brand to steal your money

Probably you know the original StarLink it’s Elon Musk’s SpaceX project to provide satellite Internet access to most of the Earth.

This shitcoin uses the name of a famous project to collect money to the “Metaverse” but they do not have the technology, team, product, or anything else. It’s just a shitcoin.

Many channels in telegram shouting StarLink is a SCAM. I hope all crypto community will know it ASAP.

Please, spread this information among your friends, everybody should know that STARLINK IS SCAM. SCAM ALERT!!!!


P.S.: As I know is considering delisting of this shitcoin

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Alert! Crypto scam

Alert! Crypto scam

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